// Nostalgia For Light //

Nostalgia for light is a collaboration between Alice Craigie and Rochus Braun. Rochus and Alice aimed to reflect the unique beauty of Northumberland's countryside as a designated area of low light pollution and outstanding natural beauty. Their collaboration has special relevance in 2015, being the International Year of light (http://www.light2015.org/Home.html). We are combining NighTec (an Eco florescent paint) with natural foliage collected from the North Pennines to make a sculpture that will reflect a star lit sky. Couched in nostalgia for an ever fleeting light, Rochus and Alice invite all to draw near on this journey to discover the natural beauty of light all around us. The Collaboration culminated in an exhibition in situ which was then 'transported' to Newcastle. The city centre exhibition took place in April 2015 at The Holy Biscuit. 

Alice and Rochus hope to continue collaborating and also bring the Nostalgia project full circle with a burning of the heather rings in Northumberland this fall.