"My gaze is locked intensely on my left hand which holds in place a small 7.5cm X 5cm piece of wood securely on my desk. This tiny painting in progress has been given my sole attention the past four hours, until, in my periphery I catch a flash of yellow on my phone screen. Stretching my back and sitting up I exhale and pick up my phone, I thought so. Even in the few seconds it takes for me to unlock the screen two more notifications have been received. Opening SnapChat I can see I missed three other Snaps this morning, storing my own transient bounty of no doubt ludicrous enlightenments into various friend’s mornings. Curiosity leads me to tap James’s name first, I haven’t heard from him in a while. It’s a video and pans the streets of a deserted Paris with the caption ‘Well, Paris is busy…’. I hurriedly double tap his name eager to find out more about his situation. The screen once showing Paris amid the recent terror attacks has now greeted me with a rather unfortunate camera angle of my own face. Grimacing I quickly reverse the camera and take a photo of my desk not fussed by the arrangement or subject. That will do I thought and began to type ‘Ohmygosh Forgot you're there!!!’. I then use my finger to draw ‘are you both ok??’. Send. Taken back to the home screen, top of the list is my housemate, this will be amusing I thought. Tap. The fist image is simply of a clear plastic box of Sainsbury’s mini doughnuts, with the caption ‘What have I done…’. Four seconds pass and a new image replaces the old, only 2 seconds this time. A low angle selfie fills screen and I can not help but laugh as I see my housemate attempting to put multiple mini-doughnuts in her mouth at once. No caption needed. Raising my index finger and lowing my thumb I clamp down on the buttons in a rushed attempt to save the image in the single second that remained. Success. Smiling, I double tap, ruffle my hair and lift my arm. I take a photo, swipe right twice-that’s always a flattering filter-and add the caption ‘Good work son’ adding two of the clapping emoticons. Amused and currently satisfied with my brief distraction I save the other snaps for later, lock my phone and resume my previous position."